Tana French Books 


Joint review for these 5 books in the Dublin Murder Squad series by Tana French. I can’t review them any other way because I feel the same about all of them! 

I bought them all on Amazon, thinking “I could use a good series” but I was sorely disappointed. These books centre on one main character in each book, with a different case. Sometimes the later books make reference to earlier cases so there is a small sense of continuity in them. It doesn’t mean you have to read them in order though.

I genuinely hated reading these books, they took me ages to get through (between a week and ten days EACH!!!) as they are almost all up around the 500 pages. I found they took off slowly, the stories weren’t anything spectacular, and the characters were beyond annoying at times!!! 

I’m pretty sure I only gave these books 1 star each on Goodreads, and if you ask me, it’s one start too many! I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who loved these books, but I just couldn’t get into them at all! 

If you’ve read any, drop me a line in the comments section! 😊