Cover Reveal~ Dead Inside by Noelle Holten

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So today, I have something pretty cool to show you all. I get to help do a cover reveal for Noelle Holten A.K.A book blogger Crime Book Junkie for her BOOK, Dead Inside. I can’t believe I’m writing that, because I remember when Noelle first said she was writing a book! And now we’re actually revealing the COVER! This is so surreal, but brilliant! 🙂

I bet you want to know more, right? Well read on for all of the important info about Noelle, and about Dead Inside!

About the author:

Noelle Holten is an award-winning blogger at She is the PR & Social Media Manager for Bookouture, a leading digital publisher in the UK, and a regular reviewer on the Two Crime Writers and a Microphone podcast. Noelle worked as a Senior Probation Officer for eighteen years, covering a variety of cases including those involving serious domestic abuse. She has three Hons BA’s – Philosophy, Sociology (Crime & Deviance) and Community Justice – and a Masters in Criminology. Noelle’s hobbies include reading, author-stalking and sharing the #booklove via her blog. 
Dead Inside is her debut novel with Killer Reads/Harper Collins UK and the start of a new series featuring DC Maggie Jamieson.

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Instagram: @crimebookjunkie

About the book:

‘An excellent read’ Martina Cole

A dark and gripping debut crime novel – the first in a stunning new series – from a huge new talent.

‘Kept me hooked … excellent pace and a very satisfying ending’ Angela Marsons

When three domestic abuse offenders are found beaten to death, DC Maggie Jamieson knows she is facing her toughest case yet.

The police suspect that Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood – who is connected to all three victims – is hiding a dark secret. Then a fourth domestic abuser is brutally murdered. And he is Lucy’s husband.

Now the finger of suspicion points at Lucy and the police are running out of time. Can Maggie and her team solve the murders before another person dies? And is Lucy really a cold-blooded killer?

Doesn’t that sound brilliant?! I can’t wait t get my hands on a copy when it is published! 🙂

Have I whetted your appetite enough yet?

How about now?????

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I’ll stop! 🙂 

Feast your eyes on this for an awesome cover……….

If you want to get your hands on this beauty, published in May 2019 by Killer Reads, you can pre-order by clicking the relevant links below:

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Blog Tour: A Known Evil by Aidan Conway

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Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for A Known Evil by Aidan Conway and I get to share an extract with you all!

About the author:

Aidan Conway was born in Birmingham and has been living in Italy since 2001. He has been a bookseller, a proofreader, a language consultant, as well as a freelance teacher, translator, and editor for the United Nations FAO. He is currently an assistant university lecturer in Rome, where he lives with his family. A Known Evil is his first novel.

About the book:


A serial killer stalks the streets of Rome…

A gripping debut crime novel and the first in a groundbreaking series, from a new star in British crime fiction. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin.

A city on lockdown.
In the depths of a freakish winter, Rome is being torn apart by a serial killer dubbed The Carpenter intent on spreading fear and violence. Soon another woman is murdered – hammered to death and left with a cryptic message nailed to her chest.

A detective in danger.
Maverick Detective Inspectors Rossi and Carrara are assigned to the investigation. But when Rossi’s girlfriend is attacked – left in a coma in hospital – he becomes the killer’s new obsession and his own past hurtles back to haunt him.

A killer out of control.
As the body count rises, with one perfect murder on the heels of another, the case begins to spiral out of control. In a city wracked by corruption and paranoia, the question is: how much is Rossi willing to sacrifice to get to the truth?

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They’d found the body in the entrance to their block of flats where, sometimes, bleary-eyed,
they would avoid treading on the dog shit some neighbour couldn’t care less about cleaning up
– teenagers on the way to school at eight in the morning. They’d been the first to leave the
building, apparently, although it was now known the victim didn’t live in the same complex.
Paola Gentili, mother of three, a cleaner, on her way to work. Multiple blows to the cranium.
No sign of sexual assault. No attempt to appropriate money or valuables. No sign of a struggle.
So, it seemed she had been taken completely unawares. Better for her. Husband had been
informed. Distraught. Had given them the few preliminary details they required without the
need for any formal interview. That would have to wait until they got the go-ahead from the
presiding magistrate. But the guy seemed clean enough going by the checks the new
‘privatized’ IT system had given them in record time. What social media access she had was
regular and only moderately used. Meanwhile, they’d started looking into the other stuff. No
particular leads. No affairs. No money issues. No links to known families in the organized
sector. Worked in a ministry in the centre of the city. No unexplained calls. Just waiting now
on the forensics guys to come up with something more concrete to work with.
Inspector Michael Rossi had only just driven through the gates in the Alfa Romeo. He
had known immediately that something big was coming by the urgency of Carrara’s steps as
he’d emerged from the baroque archway leading from the Questura’s offices to the car park. If
Rossi had bothered to switch his phone on before it would have got him out of bed, what?
Twenty minutes earlier? But that wouldn’t have saved anyone’s life. Now, the debris of
takeaway espressos and sugarsachets violated the bare desk space separating them in his office.
Their own cleaner had just been in, chatty as ever, oblivious as yet to the news.
“Other than that,” said Carrara, “we’re totally in the dark on this one. But it does look like
there’s a possible pattern emerging.”
“You’ve been busy,” said Rossi.
The second such killing in as many weeks. The modus operandi and the victim profile
bore distinct similarities but no one had dared yet to use the term. Serial? Was it possible? In
Detective Inspector Luigi Carrara. Five years Rossi’s junior, several years under his belt
in anti-mafia, undercover, eco-crime, narcotics, now on the Rome Serious Crime Squad.
Recently married, he had the air of one of those men who neverseem to have overdone anything
in their lives: hardly a wrinkle, haircut every month, bright, fluid in his movements. Just the
man Rossi needed on a Monday morning like this one.
“How similar?” said Rossi, still struggling to form what he considered decent sentences,
though his mind was already whirring into action. “The weapon, for instance?”
“Blunt instrument. Iron bar or hammer, probably.”
“Who’s on the scene?”
“A few boys from the local station. They got the magistrate there sharpish though.
Hopefully they’ll have disturbed as little as possible. She was carrying ID, so we got to work
with that straight off, once the news came in on the police channel.”
“Press know?”
“Not officially. But they will.”
“Out of town, I think.”
“Good. Let’s go,” said Rossi grabbing his battered North Face from the coat stand, feeling
more vigorous and even a little bit up for it. “I want to see this one for myself.”

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~Blog Tour Review~ Ice Lake by John A. Lenahan

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Today is my stop on the blog tour for Ice Lake by John A. Lenahan and I get to share my review with you all!

About the book:



An electrifying debut crime novel and the first in a new series featuring psychologist Harry Cull. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride, Mark Billingham and Peter May.

Deep in the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the body of a man is found – shot three times, dumped under the trees where the local kids will find him.

Psychologist Harry Cull, tormented by his past, arrives in the picturesque town of Ice Lake to help with the murder investigation. There he unravels a web of lies and deceit that leads to the dark heart of a community torn apart by fracking, drugs and murder.

It’s not long before the second corpse turns up, this time a lawyer left for dead in the forest, and Harry finds himself on the trail of a twisted killer – who will do anything to keep the town’s darkest secrets buried.

Out NOW, click HERE to get your copy!

About the author:


John Lenahan came to Britain from his native Philadelphia for a short trip and has never quite made it back.

John originally grabbed the headlines as the first person in 85 years to be expelled from the Magic Circle. The 3-card trick he exposed on How Do They Do That? is no more than a gambling con, but John took the rap and enjoyed the publicity.

2004 saw him starring in a new primetime BBC1 show, Secrets of Magic. His own BBC2 series, Stuff The White Rabbit, achieved record ratings for the slot. Other TV credits include presenting the travelogue Open Road, playing the voice of the toaster in Red Dwarf, and guest appearances on everything from TFI Friday to Celebrity Squares. He also fronted HoaxBusters, an ITV network show lifting the lid on scams and hoaxes.

John has performed onstage all over the world, from Beijing and Dubai to Dublin. He has toured alongside Jack Dee, Victoria Wood, Lenny Henry and Michael Ball.

Besides all this, Lenahan is one of the most successful corporate entertainers in the country. Apart from his show-stealing cabaret, he has made kitchens appear, taught Bank of England staff to juggle, read thousands of minds and levitated a 20-pound Toblerone bar. He was the first person on record to perform magic live over the Internet, for BT.

John has been described by The Guardian as ‘the mascot of a magical renaissance’ – and by Jackie Collins as ‘extremely good looking’.

John Lenahan lives in Cricklewood, London. In a world dominated by awards, he is proud to have once been voted Time Out Street Magician of the Year.

John’s novels: Shadowmagic , The Prince of Hazel & Oak and Sons of Macha are now avalable in one omnibus -The Shadowmagic Trilogy – published by Harper Collins and is out in paperback iBook, Nook and Kindle formats.

The Magic Circle has finally recognised their mistake and reinstated John.

My thoughts:

Ice Lake is the first book in the Harry Cull series by John A Lenehan, and its a very solid start to a promising series. I flew through this one as I was gripped early on!

When the body of a man is found at a well known hang-out spot, Harry Cull gets a call to come and investigate. Cull carries out polygraph tests, and is pretty adept at picking out those who lie, but in Ice Lake is seems everyone has something to hide and Harry has his work cut out for him from the get go!

The deceased was shot, and it looks like it was by someone he knew. When Harry arrives at the tranquil Ice Lake, he quickly realises that all is not as peaceful as one would be led to believe. In this town, there is so much bubbling under the surface with its residents that it becomes and increasingly dangerous place to be.

There is more than just murder here too, although the rising body count tries to keep Harry from finding out any more, there are quite a few themes running alongside the crime aspect. The author has done a great job in layering the mystery in Ice Lake. I found myself wondering what was really going on more than once during the course of the book.

Excellent characterisation coupled with a quick and pacy narrative make Ice Lake an engrossing and thrilling read. This is a very accomplished novel packed with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader thoroughly engaged. I look forward to reading more from John A Lenehan.

Highly recommended!

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Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt

I had seen all the hype on social media in the lead up to LGG’s release, and I was lucky enough to win a copy on a Halloween give away from Killer Reads over on Facebook so I finally got around to reading it in the past couple of days!

About the book (via Goodreads)

A baby goes missing. But does her mother want her back?
When Estelle’s baby daughter is taken from her cot, she doesn’t report her missing. Days later, Estelle is found in a wrecked car, with a wound to her head and no memory.
Estelle knows she holds the key to what happened that night – but what she doesn’t know is whether she was responsible…
My thoughts:

Firstly, I have a love/hate relationship with books that have “girl” or “gone” in the title, and this had both. However, it is nothing like those other books to which the inevitable comparisons are drawn.

I have to say, even nearing the end, I was still undecided as to whether or not I liked this book! I think it’s because I didn’t really like Estelle, which in turn made me less inclined to empathise or root for her. In saying that though, upon finishing, she slightly redeemed herself in my eyes.

The book is written in four parts, and the chapters are relatively short so it’s an easy book to read. I’m sure, given the time, I could have read it in one sitting.

The narrative has enough twists and turns to make you say just a few more pages, which is something I look for in a good book.

As a mother, I could relate to some of Estelle’s anxieties and emotions with a new baby, but at the same time I wanted to hit her for her terrible decisions at different points in the book.

Alexandra Burt has done a great job in that sense. The neuroses that only a new parent can feel were captured perfectly. Couple this with a hard, almost unforgiving husband, and you have a recipe for relationship trouble.

I find it hard to say I enjoyed a book with a theme as horrendous as child abduction, but Little Girl Gone was a well written, pacy, page turning book. It had just enough tension to keep your heart rate up at times too.

While not the best book I’ve read this year, I did enjoy it! I gave Little Girl Gone 3⭐️ on Goodreads.

Happy reading 😊📖