The Plotters by Un-Su Kim Mini Review

About the book:

Plotters are just pawns like us. A request comes in and they draw up the plans. There’s someone above them who tells them what to do. And above that person is another plotter telling them what to do. You think that if you go up there with a knife and stab the person at the very top, that’ll fix everything. But no-one’s there. It’s just an empty chair.

Reseng was raised by cantankerous Old Raccoon in the Library of Dogs. To anyone asking, it’s just an ordinary library. To anyone in the know, it’s a hub for Seoul’s organised crime, and a place where contract killings are plotted and planned. So it’s no surprise that Reseng has grown up to become one of the best hitmen in Seoul. He takes orders from the plotters, carries out his grim duties, and comforts himself afterwards with copious quantities of beer and his two cats, Desk and Lampshade.

But after he takes pity on a target and lets her die how she chooses, he finds his every move is being watched. Is he finally about to fall victim to his own game? And why does that new female librarian at the library act so strangely? Is he looking for his enemies in all the wrong places? Could he be at the centre of a plot bigger than anything he’s ever known?

The Plotters by Un-su Kim

My thoughts:

The Plotters is utterly mad, but not in a bad way! It is raw, acerbic and witty while totally in keeping with the crime book genre.

Assassins who get told to kill by The Plotters, so it is essentially a hierarchical strata. You can’t go above your station, you just have to do what you’re told.

But what happens if you rebel? Reseng, an assassin, is going to find out.

The Plotters is dark, offbeat and definitely a quirky read. My first time reading Korean crime, but not the last. It is a unique and intriguing read.


Outside Looking In by Michael Wood Mini Review

Right, I’m on the blog tour for this book in July, but I can’t wait that long to gush!!!! 😂

Here’s a 5⭐️ teaser!

On Goodreads this is what I wrote-

I have just finished this book and I have so many feelings!!!! I am in bereft because I’ve devoured this book in one day after months of anticipation!

Michael Wood is an exceptional crime writer. He gives nods to other crime writers in this book, without realising he gives the same pleasure to readers of his books! 

Outside Looking In is a brilliantly written, thoroughly engaging read.

From the opening pages (of which I started immediately once I got the book at midnight!!!) to the very last line, I was completely hooked.

I experienced a range of emotions reading this book, and I wasn’t expecting that at all!
The characters in Michael Wood’s books are so well thought out. I love his style of writing, and Matilda Darke is a brilliantly flawed protagonist. It’s not difficult to feel for her, to root for her and her team during the course of their investigations.

I’m always worried that after reading an authors debut that the follow up may not live up to its predecessor. With Outside Looking In, Michael Wood need not worry! A well plotted, thrilling and fast paced read, I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

FULL REVIEW (I know!!) to follow on July 8th! 

If you haven’t already, you need to read Michael’s books!

There will be all this gushing and more on the blog tour but I just had to rave now!!!

Outside Looking In is out now!!! #allthestars