Hold Still by Tim Adler


My thanks to the author for my copy of Hold Still in exchange for an honest review.


About the book (via Goodreads):

‘I photographed the moment of my husband’s death…’ So begins HOLD STILL, a nerve-twisting thriller from bestselling author Tim Adler. How much do we really know about those we love?

Kate is visiting Albania with her husband Paul, a much needed break from Paul’s stressful website business. ‘Hold still,’ says Kate, taking a picture as Paul steps onto the hotel room balcony. ‘We’ll always be together,’ Paul responds. Suddenly there is screaming below and a blaring car horn. Kate stares down from the balcony at the broken body of her husband lying lifeless in the street. Overcome with grief, Kate can’t accept the truth of Paul’s tragic death, and replays the incident over and over again, searching her pictures for a vital clue to what really happened.

When she meets the enigmatic Priest at a grief support group, they journey together into a dangerous world of violence and secrets as Kate realises what Paul really meant when he said he would never leave her……


My thoughts:

I thought the premise for Hold Still was excellent. I mean, imagine taking a photo of your loved one at the moment of their death, how harrowing would that be?! Torturing yourself in the aftermath, wondering could you have done something different.

This is how we are introduced to London-based couple, Kate and Paul Julia. In Albania, after attending a family funeral, Paul leaps to his death from their hotel balcony. Kate is instantly plunged into shock and grief at the death of her husband. A short investigation takes place, and Kate returns to London with her husbands ashes.

However, Kate doesn’t understand why her husband jumped, and why there was in incriminating picture sent to his phone just before he went out onto the balcony. Unsatisfied with how the investigation was handled in Albania, Kate does some digging of her own.

What follows is a tense story, with themes ranging from drugs and prostitution to cyber crime  and everything in between.

While I enjoyed Hold Still, I found myself left wanting at times. While it is refreshing to read a female protagonist in a book, I just found it stopped short for me. That being said, it is a great book full of intrigue and thrills with a very Jason Bourne/Robert Ludlum-esque style plot.

I gave Hold Still 3 stars on Goodreads. It’s published by Urbane Publications on March 17th and you can preorder a copy HERE.

Happy reading!


Weekly Wrap Up March 13th 2016

I’m starting this post, and even though I know I’ve read books this week, I’m almost certain they’re all for blog tours or to be reviewed on publication day! 😂

How and ever, I shall continue!

First up, I read the absolutely heart-pounding See How They Run by Tom Bale! I’ve not written up my review yet, but it will be a cracker as this book was just superb! I don’t even have a cover pic for it yet, it’s that new! 😉 All I will say is keep your eyes peeled for this book, as it’s absolutely brilliant! An easy 5⭐️ from me on Goodreads!

Following on from See How They Run, I picked up the beautifully written

In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings


I’m taking part in the blog tour for this book, so I’m afraid I’ll have to keep you all waiting for a few weeks before I review! April 13th to be precise! Sufficed to say, In Her Wake is a stunningly emotive book and another 5 ⭐️ book on Goodreads 😊. Huge thanks as always to Karen at Orenda Books for my copy.

Last, but by no means least, I read a book from Urbane Publications:

Hold Still by Tim Adler


Hold Still is published on March 17th so I’ll be posting my review on publication day!

Had I been smart, I’d have another book on here that I’d read this week but time hasn’t been on my side this weekend as regards reading! 😂 I’ve got less than 20% left to read of

In The Shadows by Tara Lyons


I’m on the blog tour for this on March 23rd too so keep an eye out for my review! 😊

My son and I are also reading
Demon Dentist by David Walliams

It’s been so long since I’ve read a children’s book (as in less pictures and more words) so this has been fun to read with Tom! We’re nearly finished it and we’ve two more of Walliams’s books on the TBR! 😉
That’s pretty much all I have to report as regards books this week!😉

My March haul is also coming along nicely 🙈📚🙈📚

What have you all been reading?! 😊📖